Procurement team management

Within New Zealand, our client is an exemplar in best practices, with procurement a strategic pillar of the organisation. However, it still has its supply-chain challenges – particularly in access to capable talent when it’s needed and of the right quality. Strategic Sourcing has been able to meet this need on a number of occasions over the past 18 months.

Recently, when a key member of the management team was transferred to Australia, a “fill-in manager” was provided until a replacement could be employed. The need was to lead a team of five procurement specialists, while at the same time being part of a major logistical exercise as the company transitioned into new premises. It required a combination of good management skills as well as deep technical understanding of the procurement system in place.

In addition to maintaining the team’s direction, the contractor brought a fresh perspective and was able to identify opportunities for change. At the end of the contract period, communications, processes and supplier performance were all improved. By targeting areas of weakness, and setting priorities, the contractor achieved the kind of focus that can be a difficult for an employee who is immersed in day-to-day management.

Other projects have included delivery of KPI reports, and a review of internal structure post an ERP transition.

A procurement-led company needs to partner with suppliers who understand procurement processes as well as it does. That’s where the value lies in the relationship with Strategic Sourcing. They easily fit into the business.

Key benefits
Procurement understanding provides a good fit with the business.

Process review and knowledge transfer.

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