Bid Management and Negotiation
Winning new business for clients and increasing revenues through strategic contract negotiation is at the core of our expertise. We help clients to effectively manage the purchase of major capital assets, define service level agreements and secure high-value contracts.

Project Commercialisation
We specialise in managing complex projects from inception through to market implementation. Our approach focuses on the changes required at a process, behavioural and organisational level, through to project governance, initiation and achievement.

Data Integration Systems
Using unique ‘middleware’ technology, we can orchestrate the flow of data and transactions across platforms to form a single, synchronised business process. The result is significant savings in costs and time.

Aviation Services
We have extensive experience in the aviation sector assisting companies globally to review and correct problems within engineering and procurement.  In many cases, business process re-engineering is required to unlock identified improvements.  Our solutions are practical, and sustainable.

RFP and Tender Management
We understand the capabilities and competencies that are critical to winning major bids and supply contracts. We use this corporate knowledge to articulate an innovative service offering and price tensioning model. Our methodology saves clients valuable time in managing the RFP or tender process, and leaves behind a deep layer of knowledge.

Training and Mentoring
We are a certified trainer in supply chain management, providing general education programmes through the Auckland University Business School, and customized programmes for clients including the Royal New Zealand Air Force.  We also work alongside clients to impart the level of knowledge that allows key personnel to adopt best practice, delivering positive operational and bottom line results.?
Inventory and Logistics Solutions
We deliver tangible commercial outcomes including increased operational efficiency, budget management, improved financial controls, and cost rationalisation. With better quality data management can understand exactly where profits are being made, and make more informed strategic decisions. Corrected master data and ERP installations identify (often for the first time) which products and services are returning a profit (and the profit margin) vs. those losing money.?
Supply Chain Management
We apply best practice principles to ensure the procurement strategy delivers multiple outcomes – releasing process bottlenecks, improving staff morale, customer service and financial performance. Our solutions have been successfully applied in trade, wholesale and retail environments.

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