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We offer an Aerospace Supply Chain Management Programme which covers modules such as leadership, procurement principals and inventory management. A ten day certificate at the University of Auckland Business School below is a full list of the modules:

  • Leadership

  • Procurement Principles

  • Tenders, RFPs, SLAs

  • Inventory Management

  • MRP Master Class


We specialise in maximising profitability through the performance management of a number of factors in your aviation organisation. This can include: 


  • Aircraft lease return

  • Aircraft and engine reliability maintenance programme optimisation

  • Off-wing and on-wing engine/APU maintenance planning

  • Engine work-scope design and supervision

  • Spec management and regulatory compliance

  • Airline manuals—production, review and simplification

  • Compliance audits

  • Maintenance and supply chain contract negotiations

  • Structural design and engineering

  • Inventory, Demand Management and ERP within the supply chain

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